“… we know from experience and observation that A.A. offers a sober way out of the squirrel cage of confused problem drinking.”

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc (2017). This is A.A.: An introduction to the A.A. Recovery Program.
Squires Mandala

Feeling squirrelly?! Plug into one of these recordings of AA speakers and all their experience, strength, and hope get you through one MP3 at a time.

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Joe M. & Charlie P. were long time recovering members of Alcoholics Anonymous. These tapes were recorded in 1998 at their workshop in Laughlin, Nevada when they agreed that their work should be made public.

AA History

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Sandy B

Richard John ‘Sandy’ Beach was an icon of Alcoholics Anonymous who spread the message of hope to hundreds of thousands. He passed away on Sept. 28, 2014.